How to add a post to the Blog

This Guild blog is like a journal of contributions from Guild members and to be a true representation of the Guild as many members as possible are being asked to contribute.

Some of you are unsure what you need to do so hopefully the information and links below many be helpful.

Now I might be winging it a bit here ad I have a blog and am unsure what set up process needs to be done, but I think you:- 

  • need to have a Google account - create one if you don't already have one it's free
  • Email the Guild asking for permissions to the Blog page (with your normal email address) - I'll then grant you permissions to what's called the Blog Dashboard page, and in the return email you will be given a link address - keep this for easy access back to that page 
Now here are some tutorials and videos which might help:-

and then there is this - add a photo and blog post directly from Flickr
Now you can add photos directly from your file on your computer or via an online photo store like, Flickr, Photobucket or Picasa.  I have already created a Guild Flickr account.  

To add photos to the Flickr group you need to have a Yahoo account - I know 'another' account.  Here are some videos which should help:-
uploading photos to Flickr

There's a lot here to take in, but hopefully some of the information above will help you.

I look forward to reading new posts soon.



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