This year's challenge

The Guild challenge this year is base on the Sanquhar Pattern.
Typically you get gloves and socks knitted in the Sanquhar pattern
and often the colours are restricted to black and white but you can use other colours - here are some examples
Now we've been encouraged that it doesn't only have to be have to be a knitted piece, it can be represented in any form, for example embroidery, weaving.

I've been considering a few ideas this week.  Some knitting orientated but am now looking more towards another format.  

As with many challenges there is often the tendency to make something for the sake of the challenge, and you'r left with something that isn't usable or not particularly your taste.  I'm hoping to create, (if I get this idea to work and complete it), something that I'll like and use.

So have any of you been considering the challenge yet?  If you have make a post about what you've found to inspire you on your creative journey - without giving away too much on what you'll be making just yet.


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